Reservations and Room Rate
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Making Reservations: Additional Information for Centre Users

Accommodation may be reserved by online through this website or by email and fax application.

  1. Online Reservations:Please follow this link to the online booking form; Or

  2. Email and Fax application:Please download the booking form and return the completed form by email ( or by fax at (852) 2488 5285

Guide to Applicant

  1. Kadoorie Centre mainly provides venues for the University of Hong Kong, major educational institutions and professional organizations to hold academic, educational and research related activities. Organizations can rent accommodations while booking conference facilities. Our accommodation facilities are only for participants. Kadoorie Centre does not accept bookings for personal, family gatherings or social gatherings.

  2. All requests are subject to further confirmation. The Centre reserves the right to reject any unqualified application.

  3. The Centre staff will verify the applicant's identity document upon check-in.

  4. Site visit before the event should be prearranged with the Main Office. All visiting hour could take place from 10:00am to 12:00nn and 2:00pm to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday. Visitors could not be more than 10 persons. Visits exceeding one hour shall be subject to charge. Fees will be charged to the second time site visit.

  5. For those that cannot visit the Centre due to bad weather please refer to the arrangements during bad weather.

  6. There will be an adjustment of the room rate and service charge in 1 July every year.

  7. In case of any dispute, the Centre reserves the right to make the final decision.

Reservation Procedures

  1. Applicants can submit Reservation Request online, or download the form and return the completed form by email ( or by fax at (852) 2488 5285. The Centre do not accept booking over the phone.

  2. The Centre will review the applications and applicants will be notified of their application results. In case of any dispute, the Centre reserves the right to make the final decision.

  3. The Centre will send out a Booking Confirmation to successful applicants. Applicants need to settle the fee on the stated date.

  4. Lists of users, program rundown and borrow items should be submitted to the Centre 1 month before the check-in date.


  1. Official University functions should settle the charges through departmental account deductions.

  2. For other groups of users, confirmed payment can be deposited into Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation account 004-002-222834-001 quoting our reference code 53000 in the pay-in-slip. The bank slip with the application number must be returned by email ( or fax at 2488 5285 to HKUKC promptly.

  3. Full payment is required to be settled before the due date specified in the Booking Confirmation.

  4. Failure of payment will be considered as automatic withdrawal.

  5. Applicants will be notified of any adjustment of room rates at the time of payment. Receipts will be issued to the applicants upon payment.

  6. Payment is non-refundable in case of cancellation of booking by the applicant or absence of participants.

  7. There will be an adjustment of the room rate and service charge in 1 July every year.

Check-in and check-out times

Check-in time is 2:00pm - 4:00pm on the day of arrival. To facilitate room cleaning, guests will be required to vacate their rooms by 11:00am on the day of departure and return all the keys to the Centre. For alternative registering in or checking out, please notify the main office in advance. Fees will be charged for extension of bookings. Additional charge ($240) is required for the loss of each key with holder.

Charges are not refundable. During typhoon/black rainstorm, arrangements can be made by postponing the activities to a later available date within 3 months (Remarks: this postponement only applies to the situation that the entire booked period has not been used). Only if KC can’t provide an alternative during the said period, fees may be refunded.
Layout Plan of Kadoorie Centre


Scale of Charges for 2023-2024

Room Type & Facilities (Booking Form) Rate (HK$)*
Conference & Event Facilities (per day including air-conditioning, internet connections and audio-visual facilities)
Horace Kadoorie Hall (Max. capacity: 150 persons) 1,695 2,435 3,165
Seminar Room (Max. capacity: 100 persons)
1,695 2,435 3,165
Residential Accommodation (per night including bread, tea & coffee for light breakfast. All guests can also use the Dining Hall for meals)
Guest Suite (for 4 persons; 2 bedrooms with 2 beds per room, large sitting room and en-suite bathroom) 1,340 1,585 2,180
Deluxe Guest Room (1 or 2 bedrooms for 2 persons some with bathroom, sitting-room, kitchenette and balcony) 800 880 1,045
Deluxe Guest Room (for 3 persons with bathroom)
Deluxe Guest Room (for 5 persons with bathroom) 900 1,065 1,460
Guest Room (for 2 persons with bathroom) 685 775 955
Dormitory (Bunk bed for 6 persons per room) 570 760 1,315
Additional Bed (Guest Suite) 150 225 245
Additional Bed (Other Room Types) 100 130 225

* Note: The Centre can only be used for academic, education and research related group events.

A  – Official University Function (chargeable departmental account)
B  – HKU Students’ Union, HKU Alumni Groups and Institution’s activities
    – HKU Staff and HKU (Gold/Platinum) Credit Card Holder could enjoy at most one residential room at Rate B (Events shall be in line with Note*)
C – Other Groups

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